Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yay Christmas!

We finally got our Christmas tree up on Saturday.  Bought some new strings of lights 'cause our old ones had too many burnt out bulbs.  I even got some extra lights to put on the bushes outside this year.  I've been waiting for it to stop raining to put them up.

Finally got some Christmas shopping done.  Most of it done, in fact, on Amazon.  There were some frustrating moments when I wanted my order shipped to multiple addresses.  Amazon didn't really make it clear that the "Next" button (or whatever it was called) actually sent the item.  I assumed it would direct me to a "divide up your order" screen.  Turns out I was already on the "divide your order" screen ... you just had to know where to look.  I guess now I do.  I also know how to correct an erroneous address.

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