Monday, July 17, 2017

Death of an Apple Tree

We had quite a storm Saturday night.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Becky doing photography.

It is so cool being married to a photographer.  She finds the most beautiful, interesting places to go.  And it's fun to watch her work.

A few weeks back we went hiking up Rib Mountain.  Found a pond in a quarry.  

And found some cool ferns to take pictures in.

Typical photographer poses at Red River Park.

One of my favorite pictures of Becky and Tabby.  Still at Red River.

Lots of cool mushrooms to photograph at High Cliff State Park.

Also a tree that fell in Lake Winnebago at the park.

Monday, April 10, 2017


But first something funny Tabby said.

One of the neatest things we found in Washington DC was  Two bald eagles are nesting in the National Arboretum.  The visitor center had a large screen displaying the live online feed of the nest where a parent was sitting on two eggs.  It was cool. When we got home from DC, the first egg (DC4) had hatched.  The next day we watched live while the 2nd egg (DC5) hatched.  That was the most awesome thing.

So we check in most days and watch the baby eaglets.  The parents bring them all sorts of food.  Rabbit, pigeon, duck, mostly fish.  So the other night we're watching and Tabby points out the tail that was left of the most recent fish and deadpans, "Or maybe it was a baby mermaid."

That's my girl!

Ben is starting at the Milwaukee School of Engineering next fall.  He went down for a new student orientation earlier this year and talked to some students representatives from the school's gaming club.  They invited him to their annual game convention, Concinnity, and we went there this past Saturday.

It was all right.  There weren't many scheduled games, but they had vendors, a library of board games and video games.  I took down Scythe.  We met a guy named Jim who was at the convention with a bunch of kids from a local high school where he taught Theology.  He played Scythe with us.  Crushed us.  Ben played a bunch of Smash Bros.  There was a continuous run of games from which are kind of fun.  Everyone logs into an online server with their smartphones then watches a computer screen (in this case, projected onto a large screen) where fun questions are displayed.  Everyone submits an answer on his or her phone, the answers are displayed and points handed out depending on what the game is.  Fun social game.  Ben & I played a bunch of rounds with another 7 or 8 con-goers. I even won a key, as a door prize, to get a free jackbox game from Steam.  I'll have to go check them out and pick one.

At lunch time we picked up Sam and went to Dairy Queen.  Then on the way home, as we drove by Sheboygan, we stopped to get Jackson and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Seeing them was a cool bonus to an already fun day.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Few Cute Mousie Pics

Becky bought this cup specifically because she thought it would be cute with mice in it.

So many pictures!

'cause we've done a lot in the last six months or so and it's been a blast.

But first, here's an old piece of work Becky did that I just found on our computer:

Back in September we took a trip to Chicago.  One of our days there was overcast & rainy, but we had a great time walking around.  We saw the Bean!  And Becky got some cool pictures of our reflection.

Buckingham fountain

The skyline view from the Shedd.

We also visited Sam one day in September and spent some time at the beach near where he lives.

Ben looking cool with his drumset:

Band uniforms aren't quite as cool, but he's playing drums!  And not on cymbals this year!

Santi at Smith Park.

Becky & I spent a day at Dave's falls in October.  Beautiful day.

Pumpkin carving before Halloween:

First raking of the fall!

One of Santi's friends is another exchange student.  Philipe, from near Sao Paolo, Brazil, is number 23 below:

Santi's senior photo, taken by Becky at Pamperin Park:

Ben's senior photo, taken by Becky near Fonferrek Falls:

In November, Tabby & I participated in a TKD tournament.

A warm day in November spent at Fonferrek:

Another one when Becky took the kids to Cave Point.  This is Ben & his friend Jaeden:

The annual Thanksgiving Parade!

Santi played basketball in the fall.

After Thanksgiving, Becky went to Lincoln to celebrate her Grandma & Grandpa Chadd's anniversary with her family.

In December, Tabby & I tested for our green belts.

We visited Jack & his cats.

First big snow!  Santi & Philipe had fun.

Becky & Tabby having fun.

Frosting Christmas cookies!

Ryan Chadderdon came to Green Bay & Becky took the kids sledding.

A warm December day at the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ben turned 18!

Becky took some awesome pictures of ice.

Tour of Lambeau Field.

Becky took Santi out to have fun with photography on a foggy night.

The next day she had fun at some foggy fields.

And that night was fun with Ben:

More school activities.  Band for Ben and basketball for Santi.

Santi turned 18!

A "warm" day in February at Wequiok Falls.

For Sam's birthday, Mom, Tabby & I went to Milwaukee and took him rock wall climbing.

Sam turned 20!

Becky was the photographer once again at the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance at Church.

Mom, Tabby & Ben went down for a second day of rock wall climbing with Sam.

Tabby & I tested for blue tips in March:

Tabby had been worried about breaking her board.  Snapped through on the first try.  Awesome!

I hurried myself, was sloppy and it actually took me a couple tries on both the front kick and punch (the adults were told to break two boards).  Not breaking with a punch is painful.

Pamperin park.

Becky had more fun with editing.  "Forgot to pay the gravity bill".

This year for Spring break we took a trip to Washington D.C.!  Figured that with an exchange student, it would be a good opportunity to go and all see the U.S. capitol.

The first day we went to the beach on Chesapeake Bay.

And to the National Zoo.

The parking lot Google took us to at the Zoo was full, the next one was taking too long to get through traffic to reach so we walked.  A lot.

Day 2 we spent the morning at the National Arboretum.  The original capitol columns were moved there when the Capitol Building was remodeled.

Then we went to Arlington.  Walking from the parking lot to the cemetery Becky saw a cool tree.

Arlington itself is just overwhelming.

View of the Pentagon from a terrace at Arlington.

The cherry blossoms were blooming in spite of a freeze a couple weeks earlier.

We took a taxi from Arlington to the White House.  Of course, it was a weekend, so the the Donald was probably in Florida.

From the White House we walked to the Mall.  Found a small grove of cherry trees near the Washington Monument.

The World War II Veteran Memorial.

Arriving at the Lincoln Memorial, which was by far my favorite place.  Just awe inspiring.

View of the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial.

From the Lincoln Memorial we walked the Jefferson Memorial.   There is a walkway around a Tidal Basin between the two through which Becky caught some great pictures.

We walked so much that day.

I've always thought it would be fun to have a camera myself while watching Becky do her thing.  Well before this trip, we finally entered the 21st century and bought smart phones ... so now I do!

Day 3 we started by the Capitol Building

Across the street we went into the Library of Congress.

It is a beautiful building.

Walking across the mall we found a friendly squirrel.

Visiting the Air and Space Museum.

Tabby & I rode the carousel on the Mall.

Stopping for a break walking back to the car.  (soooo much walking!!!! My legs ached.)

Back in Green Bay, last night Becky and I went to Bay Shore park and caught a beautiful sunset.  Plus I got some pictures of her being a photographer again.