Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I'm lounging in bed the other morning in that wake up groggy, still half asleep, listening the sounds of the house state. The shower was going. Teenage boys walking in the kitchen, voices low, words indistinct. Suddenly little feet hit the floor in Tabby's room, ran across the house, pattered down the stairs and stopped at my door. It creaked open, my little girl peeked in and crossed to the side of the bed grinning.

"Good morning, Tabby!"

"Good morning, Daddy! I'm sure glad to see you home!"

She giggled as I swung her high up to crash into the mattress. And as I hugged her close all I could think was, "No Mr. Sheen, you are not winning."


  1. That is awesome and makes it all worth it!

  2. There is no price you can put on moments like that! Thanks for sharing that one, Jack. :)