Saturday, March 5, 2011


This may look like a picture of two chairs . . . but the important part is the woman in the background there who refused to turn around and take credit for her work.

We bought these chairs 3-4 years ago from Acuity when it was replacing them with newfangled fancy pants chairs. Acuity had already owned them for nearly 10 years. Then we've been kind of rough on them. Especially with our Tabby potty training. Becky finally decided she had enough. We aren't really in a position to buy new chairs so she just decided to take one apart and figure out how to reupholster it. Has she ever done any upholstery work? No! But hey, how different can it be from sewing anything else, right?

Well tada! The red chair is what they both looked like. The blue one is Becky's handiwork.

I daresay it's better now that when we bought it.

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  1. Cool! Way to go, Becky! 'Wanna come and re-upholster the loveseat/recliner in my basement? ;)