Monday, March 7, 2011


I've heard Scott Walker say on several occassions something to the effect of, "Hey, why are you all so surprised? Why so upset? I told you during the election that this is what I was going to do. This is what you elected me to do." As if it were really that simple.

I don't doubt there are people who elected Walker to bust up unions. And there were probably people who elected him to devestate government programs. Then there are those who elected him to get strict concessions from the unions, like he said he would, but aren't quite willing to go along with Walker legislating the unions' concessions for them and killing their ability to recover from the economic downturn once it's over. There are those who might have thought getting localities to cut costs was a good idea during the campaign, but think maybe Walker is going too far when he not only does that, but also cuts state aid to localities and prohibits them from raising revenue. Ever. And of course there are people who voted for Walker for no reasons related to economics at all. Maybe simply because he wasn't the other guy. I personally know at least one guy who voted for him only because he promised he'd let us carry guns in public.

Kind of a funny tangent. I've been to one Democratic party organization meeting in the past. Yep, only one. At that one was also the head of a union at a local aluminum rolling mill. He claimed that he could convince every one of his union members to vote for Democrats if he could just make them believe Democrats weren't really going to take their guns away. So 2+2 = maybe Walker should rethink pissing off unions then telling their member to go ahead and carry their guns wherever they want.

In any case, it seems somewhat disingenuous of Scott to keep telling us, "This is what you elected me to do!" when #1, he really hadn't told us the details of what he planned and most importantly, #2, in light of recent polling indicating that people are thinking, "Dude, if we'd known you were going to totally destoy public unions and starve government into inefficacy, we'd have voted for the other guy!"

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