Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess Celestia

Tabby was getting up in the middle of the night and joining Becky & I in bed. It's kind of cute when it happens occassionally, but not so much when it was happening every night. So Becky came up with a plan to motivate Tabby to stay in bed. We made a chart for her to put stickers on and got her a prize for when the chart was filled up. Every morning when she woke up in her own bed she got a sticker for her chart.

For the prize? Well, Tabby loves My Little Pony. She has a few ponies, some ads that came with them showing all the other ponies, we go online and watch the videos introducing each pony. And Tabby's favorite, of course, is the princess of all the ponies. When Becky was explaining the chart idea to Tabby, she got the prize out to show off and Tabby's eyes went wide with adoration as she gasped, "That's Princess Celestia!" Yup, Becky hit on the right idea.

There were some rough moments. Like the first morning when Tabby wanted to fill the whole chart up with stickers right away. And the second night when she joined us in bed, refused to go back to her own and really didn't get a sticker when she woke up that morning. After the first row was filled she asked if she could get Celestia now, and her mood visibly sagged when I explained that she had to fill up a whole nother row. But she did it. This morning Tabby has her Princess Celestia.


  1. Now the real test is how well will it stick? Now that she has her princess will she be climbing back into bed with you? Good luck with that!

  2. Yay! Looks like you guys got it right! Are you going with a second chart and another prize when it is filled?

  3. She's been staying in her own bed so far and we haven't started a 2nd chart for anything yet.