Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

The rest of the world celebrates it on May 1st. International Workers' Day, a celebration of the common laborer and the contributions of the labor movement. It had a hard time gaining traction in the US, though. Too much of a commie holiday. Until we had a president who wanted to make nice with labor unions and pushed for the holiday, but celebrated American style. Instead of on May Day, like the rest of the commie world, we'd celebrate at the end of summer. By giving all the white collar guys the day off and telling the blue collar laborers to get back to work. If they're union bastards, they get time-and-a-half and can consider themselves lucky.

Sorry if I seem kinda' cynical today.

I was scheduled to work 10:30am to 8pm. And, no, not as a lucky union bastard. It was busy. Very, very busy. Normal work day? With steady deliveries for 8ish hours? 20ish deliveries. Today? 35. So busy we ran out of hand tossed dough. We ran out of stuffed crust. We ran out of breadsticks. And the whole day we were somewhat understaffed. You want to know why? You ready for this? Because today, of all days, they were worried about labor costs.

I'm not kidding. I didn't make that up.

I ended up working just over 10 hours without a break (there was never time for a break) and with about enough food for an anorexic teen girl. They still shouldn't have let me go. There were dishes, no exaggeration, piled up to my face waiting to be washed. And that was just the beginning of the clean up that had to be done. And delivery orders still being called in. I mean, they should have let me, specifically, go home. But they really needed at least one more employee there instead of me.

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