Thursday, September 16, 2010

Becky's new job

Becky was "hired", or whatever it's called with a temp agency, by a place called QPS to work at a cheese factory called DCI. It sounded convenient. She was told she could pretty much pick the days she worked. The hours were miserable (4am-2pm), but if she only worked two days a week, they allowed her to coordinate around my class and mostly not conflict with me working at Pizza Hut. Which meant only needing a sitter periodically and for short times.

What that turned out to mean was, Becky could pick how many days a week she wanted, they'd schedule her for the specific days, and then call to tell her some machine had broken down so she wasn't needed. It was almost three weeks before she actually got a day of work . . . and a machine broke down, so everyone was sent home. Yesterday she finally got to work for a full day. Bagging Swiss cheese.

Ah well, not an exciting job, but it pays. It's still pretty convenient in terms of taking care of Tabby around our work schedules.

In fact, Tabby and I had a great time while Mom was at work. We grabbed donuts for breakfast, ate them at the mall and wandered around with the mall walkers for a bit. We saw that Cats & Dogs 2 was playing at the re-release theater and decided to return after lunch to watch it. It was a cute movie. Nothing to deep, but still a lot of fun. Tabby absolutely loved it.


  1. I hate looking for work. It's such a hassle and nothing works out the way you think it will, or the way they say it should. I hope that Becky can get some more days in and no more machines...uh, break down. Why don't they just get better machines? Sounds like the ones they have are crap.

  2. Where's that apple store when you need it? And I'm not talking about the computer one....

    I wish Becky luck with her work. Sounds to me as though Tabby is going to hope for more days with just Daddy.