Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School

For an end of summer project, Becky let the kids each design their own t-shirt, printed the designs onto transfer paper and voila . . . $4-$5 for the shirt, $3 for the transfer paper and you get a pretty inexpensive artsy/craftsy thing the boys really enjoyed. Even if you add in the 2 sheets of transfer paper and one shirt we ruined trying to figure out how to do it. I mean, at least, considering the cost of buying a new t-shirt someone else designed.

First day of school, everyone wore their very own personalized shirts.

So how was the first day of school?

It was all right. Okay, here's what happened. We sat in a class while they told us about the school and the rules. Then we toured the school. Then they talked to us more.

Really good! I hardly got lost at all. I met one kid I even have several classes with, including study hour.

Good! I really like my AP chem teacher. Also I can get college credit for the class, then take AP physics next year. But I'm the only Junior in a class full of Seniors. Math and English will be okay. Gym should be fun.

"I hardly got lost at all" is significant. Edison Middle School is huge. I think it's a rambling five stories built into a hill, so not all stairwells pass all floors. And the number of students is crazy. Green Bay has an open enrollment policy allowing families to choose which schools their kids go to. Most still choose their neighborhood school. I mean, transportation becomes an issue if you don't, right? But enough choose otherwise, and I guess Preble and Edison are the popular choices.

So Jack, Sam . . . are the schools noticeably bigger than Farnsworth and South were in Sheboygan?

Both (simultaneously)

Like five times as big.

So big we had more people than could fit at our lunch table.

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  1. Sounds like everyone is off to a good start! And I love the shirts.....