Friday, June 11, 2010

Settling In

Becky's mother is a wonderful woman. She has done so much for us and it so very, very kind of her to open her home to us for the summer.

She is the type of person who sees value, or the potential value in so many things. She goes to a fabric store and sees projects that she would love to do. She goes to garage sales and sees items she can decorate with. Heck, she goes to the beach and sees items that would look perfect in the yard or a certain room. So she has stuff. A lot of stuff.

Becky is also a wonderful woman. I mean, that's why I married her, right? But she is just the opposite about stuff. She is brutal about keeping only what we need. We often joke that if I sit still long enough in front of the computer I'll get tossed out. Or over the last few weeks as we razed our belongings, we had to bolt the kids to the floor.

You see where this is going?

My mother-in-law just went out west for a couple of weeks and left her daughter with all her stuff. Becky is gnawing her fingers off to keep from just totally cleaning house.

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