Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good news, bad news

The good news
Our 1996 Plymouth Voyager is reaching the point where it needs work. If I had the skills to fix it's periodic problems, it would still be a fine vehicle. Since I don't, it's gonna' nickel and dime us for more than it's worth.

So my father-in-law watches used car adds for deals. It's just something he does. And he found a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager for only $1800. It seemed to be well taken care of, so geez . . . if we get just 3 more years out of it, that's $50 a month for a vehicle. We delayed leaving on vacation a few hours so that we could pick this vehicle up. Previous owner said it's a good thing we did since he had 3 more interested parties scheduled to come look at it that day.


The bad news
13 hours later we're cruising down I680 about a half hour from arriving at Becky's Aunt & Uncles place in Omaha when a deer bounded in front of us. We must have caught the thing mid leap. It collapsed the front of our van and we sent it flying head over heels about 10 feet in the air into the field off the highway.

The van ain't goin' nowhere no more.

The good news
Other than the poor deer, no one got hurt. Becky's aunt & uncle have gone beyond any expectations. Came to pick us up and are letting us hang out here until we straighten out our plans. Becky was smart enough to transfer the insurance coverage to the new vehicle before we hit the road, so calling in the claim went real smoothly.

American Family has treated us very well in the past, so we have reason to hope they will again. Just waiting on them to find out where our vehicle was towed and when an adjuster can look at it.

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