Saturday, June 26, 2010

A place

Our original plan was to spend the summer in Wisconsin Rapids. We'd get summer jobs, save money on rent, keep our stuff in the portable storage pod and in August we'd move to GB. The more we thought about it, the less sense it made. Other than that "save money on rent part." There ends up being very little time for a job and if we got one it would mean skipping out on going to Utah for sure. Plus there's the stress of sharing a home. As much as we love Becky's family . . . well there's still stress about things we used to control and now don't.

So we spent this past Wednesday and Friday in Green Bay looking for a place to live. We found a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath duplex on Green Bay's east side. The kids will go to Edison Middle School and Preble High. The kitchen is small and all three boys will be sharing a room, but overall the place is bigger than we had dared hope. The bedroom are easily big enough for three and it has a huge family room. It's within walking distance of church and East Town Mall. Clean, quiet leafy subdivision. We met our neighbor and one of her sons. They seem nice. Our landlady seems real nice too. And, small world, her husband's brother is an IT manager at Acuity.

We're kind of excited about the place.

Monday we're leaving for a vacation out to Utah and back. We'll visit Becky's uncle, grandmother and sister on the way out and/or back. We should be back around July 7th or 8th, then plan to move into the place in Green Bay the next weekend, July 16th-17th.

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