Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The waiting game?

Well no. I'm not actually just waiting. Since, you know, I'm not actually employed. I'm still checking job listings, still checking in at LinkedIn, still sending out resumes. But I am waiting for a call. I interviewed with Great Lakes Higher Education last Wednesday and they said they'd make their decision "in the next week or two". Between them getting back to me so quickly about an interview, the professionalism of the interview itself and the paperwork they had me fill out afterwords, they seem to really be on the ball. So I'm letting myself hope for a call sooner rather than later. And sooner starts today.

The waiting part of job hunting is driving Becky absolutely batty. She just wants to hear SOMETHING DANGIT AND SOMETHING NOW!!!! Even if it's "no", at least that's an answer we can solidify plans around. When she's at home she is practically sitting on the phone. She's trying to get out and do things to take her mind of it. This morning, for example, she took Tabby to Plymouth to go with some friends to the Plymouth Library story time.

So as part of the continued job hunt, I've got my resume posted on Recruiters see it and can call me. This morning for example, I've gotten two calls. One for a position at Lands End and another for an unspecified six month contract position.

That's fantastic, but here's a question it raises. I've been working with a Tami Sailing from Stratagem on positions in the Madison area. I've really enjoyed working with Tami, she's been very communicative and helpful. But she's not the one who called me this time. So the question, which I ask in general not just specific to this situation, is do I work with the recruiter who called me? The first one? Or the one who calls 5 minutes later? Or the one who sent an e-mail last night? Or do I wait for Tami to call? Or do I call her?

I went with "call her". I think that's only fair given the work she's done to try and find me positions in the area. I'd feel really bad to let some other recruiter submit me for a position only to have Tami call and ask if she can. But is that fair to the recruiters who called me? I'm not totally sure what the right answer is, just trying to be fair first to people I know, I guess.

Anyway, I'm waiting on a call back from Tami.

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