Monday, May 17, 2010


Last night I got back kind of late from a church activity with Jack and Sam. Becky had just gotten Tabby ready for bed, was in the process of tucking her in, had just read her a story and Tabby asked for me to come sing her good night songs. There's this fun short song that I learned as a kid and have sung to all my kids called I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home. My Dad said it was his favorite kids song and now I think I understand why.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, Glad as I can be
Clap my hands and shout for joy and climb upon his knee
Put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this
Pat his cheek and give him what?
A great big kiss.

Tabby was sooo proud of herself for making the connection of asking for that song with, you know, Daddy actually coming home. Then she had me change up the words like she always does to I'm so glad when Tabby comes home . . . then Mommy, then Ben, then Sammy then Jackson. Oh man, she is just so adorable.

So I finish up singing to her, say goodnight and log on to play some World of Warcraft. There's this good group of people I play with, including my brother, Jeremy and his wife, Leah and a bunch of people they've played with. On any given night when 10 of us get together to go do something, six are likely to be playing with their spouse or significant other. On top of that the group has grown close from playing something they're passionate about together over a long period of time. A bunch of them even plan to get together in the near future in Vegas.

One of the couples is Sholandria and Condon. Sholandria let us know last night that Condon's 13 year old daughter had died to Leukemia Sunday morning. We kind of new it was coming. She'd been in a coma for a while. But it was still . . . I don't know. There was an outpouring of love, concern for both Con and Shol. You really want to say the right thing, but you know that no matter what you say or do, it can't really be enough. So you just hope they understand that you feel for them.

And this morning at breakfast I just held my daughter on my lap. We laughed while we ate, made jokes about our cereal being frogs or worms. And sang together again about how glad we were to have each other home.

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