Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello World

I've kind of done this before. Not exactly the blog thing, but I had a website. It was more of an html exercise. I did some fun things setting up whole sets of pages where I could display pictures of the family, talk about hobbies, post news. So here I go again, but this time I'll let e-blogger take care of the site maintenance details while I handle post updates.

What motivated me to get back into it? Well, I went to a job fair last week in Green Bay. While there I attended a forum on using social media in your job search presented by Lisa Cruz of Red Shoes PR, Inc. She emphasized that a modern job search really needs to include LinkedIn, Twitter and a blog. So here I am.

I wish I'd gotten the advice back in January. I've been using LinkedIn the whole time. At least, I've been listed on LinkedIn, posted a resume and have contacted others and been contacted by them through LinkedIn. But that and (my Dad's advice) has been about the limit of my online activity.

I'm actually waiting to hear back from Great Lakes Higher Education whom I interviewed with last Wednesday. The interview seemed to go well. They seemed to be highering for positions that do exactly what I've got 12 years experience doing. I should find out how well the interview went this week.

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