Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tabby wants to play World of Warcraft. Of course, she can't. Aside from the "T" rating, the game play is absolutely too complex for a three year old. However, she doesn't really want to play World of Warcraft, she wants to play with World of Warcraft . . . she wants to mimic me and her brothers. And there are aspects of the game she can play. Like exploring a section of woods or a city or changing outfits and pets. It's like having an electronic doll.

So I made a character for her. I actually put a bit of work into it. Levelled it up enough that she can stay in low level areas, fight small monsters and always win. She especially likes whacking giant spiders. She can ride a horse, a sparkly pony in fact, or she can ride giant cats. She can fish, pick flowers. She has a ton of small pets she can run around with and some cool looking dresses she can doll up her toon in. A couple of the outfits took some time to get. The best one is probably the rarest dress in the game, called the Formal Dangui. As I understand, it only spawns at its special in-game vendor once every few months. And I got it. There are thousands of players on a server, only one gets this dress every few months, and Tabby has it.

Then she deleted them all. Almost all of them. All the best ones.

I had been cleaning while she played. Went over to check up on her and noticed all her clothing icons we set up were dark, meaning the clothes were gone.

"Oh no, Tabby! What happened to all your outfits?"

"I gave them to my friend."

I quickly ran to a vendor to see if she had sold them, but none were listed in the buyback tab. So I'm thinking she just dragged them out of her bags, maybe on top of a computerized NPC, and pretended to give them away. Accidently deleting them in the process.

"Oh, I'm so sad," I told her over and over again. "That was a lot of work you just deleted." I showed her how to press "no" when the "are you sure?" button pops up as you delete items. I made sure she understood that if she deleted things they were gone. They didn't respawn, or just come back next time you log on. She didn't say much, so I wasn't sure if she understood.

Until today. She was playing again while I read and she suddenly called out, "I found her!" So I got up to check out what she found. Tabby was at the in-game bank. "I found my friend!" We clicked on the bank teller and Tabby's bank vault opened holding all the stuff I thought she had deleted.

"Oh this is great, Tabby! I'm so glad you found all your outfits!"

"Yeah! I'm so sorry I made you sad Daddy

I nearly started crying. "I love you Tabby. Thank you."

"I love you Daddy."

"Now let's get your bars all set up again."


  1. What are you doing to my granddaughter!!! Don't you know that you are supposed to give her "real" dolls with "real" doll clothes? Goodness gracious, she is only 3! *walks away slowly, shaking head*

  2. Awww, what a cute story! You are the best Daddy. :) I don't know much about WoW, just in what I've seen watching Jeremy and Leah play. But I know how much work it can be, and patience it can take, and that is awesome that you did that for Tabby. Who was her "friend?" The bank teller? She had just put all of her stuff in the bank vault? How funny. Glad she found it all!

  3. Yeah, her "friend" was the bank teller and that's exactly what she did; just put her stuff in the bank.

    And we do give her real dolls with real doll clothes too, Mom. But you know how it is . . . kids copy what they see and I'm afraid me & the boys don't spend much time playing with dolls.

  4. I think Tabby needs to come to my house for awhile..... :)

  5. That would be awesome, Mom. I sure wish we'd made it out this past Summer.

  6. So do I wish you had made it out, but life happens. You do know that I was just giving you a hard time here about Tabbby, right? ;)