Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Potty Training

Tabitha has been in underwear for two days now with only one accident. She has refused to wear underwear for a very long time despite being good about using the potty. As far as I can gather from trying to talk her into it, she's simply been self conscious about having an accident.

Well on Sunday, Becky decided to push the issue with Tabby and put her in underwear. She came to me crying about how mean Mom was and please would I put on her diaper. After a bit of "no, you need to wear underwear" I finally broke down. "Tell you what, let's set a timer. You wear underwear for this long and then we'll put your diaper back on." She understands timers. We set them for how long the kids play on the computer. It seemed to work. The tears dried right up and she went to go play. Half hour later, the timer beeped. Of course, we decided to let her tell us she was ready for the diaper to go back on, and she never did. About another half hour later she said something about her diaper, I didn't hear it clearly, so I asked if she wanted it back on and she said, "No, I'll wear underwear."

Well, this morning she went to a friends house and insisted on wearing a diaper. Trying to talk her into it, I think she's worried she'll have an accident while she's there, so we made a deal that she'd wear underwear when she came back home. Personally, I'm kinda' glad we're doing it that way, so it wasn't too hard for Tabby to talk me into it.

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  1. I'm glad it is working out. I always thought the way you do, that it is easier for everyone concerned to let the child decide what he or she is ready for than to force them to fit what the parent thinks is the "best" training schedule.