Monday, October 25, 2010

Scar Night

I checked out Scar Night by Alan Campbell from the library a while back and really enjoyed it.

It's an apocalyptic type fantasy set mostly in Deepgate, a Church run city suspended by chains above what seems to be a pit into hell. The main character is the last Archon, the last angel in a long line that has served Church and city.

The story is about him, his protector and the beast that comes out each new moon to hunt the city and their fight against an evil that would destroy Deepgate.

The book is full of fast paced action in an intriguing setting with well developed characters. If you like apocalyptic fantasy, this is a good book.

Only after finishing it did I realize it was just book one of the Deepgate Codex. Scar Night still stands on its own well enough, coming to a satisfying conclusion. But there is obviously room to expand the story. I'll be checking out others.

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