Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three years old

Tabby turned three years old today.

Becky had hung a whole bunch of balloons in front of her bedroom door which she was absolulely thrilled to find and play with for most of the morning.

We spent all morning in the library, played at home all afternoon, then had cake and opened presents. I think her favorite is a pink tent. Becky bought it a long time back and has been hanging on to it for right now.

Tabby liked it so much she's sleeping in it tonight.


  1. That IS an awesome tent. I would like one for myself, too. :) She is so pretty!

  2. What a fun day! I will never forget being with you and Becky and standing barefoot in the sand with my toes in the water, watching the full moon make a golden path across Lake Michigan the night before Tabby was born. It was an absolutely awesome experience!

    So much "stuff" has happened in the last three years, and your beautiful baby girl has grown to be a beautiful little pre-schooler. I wish we could be there with your family. Thanks for the adorable pictures.