Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moved In


Friday through Tuesday with no internet. Played Civ IV for the first time in ages. The boys and I played a game together all Sunday afternoon. Jack and Sam have been playing Age of Empires III.

Phone service was supposed to be hooked up Friday, was delayed to Monday, died Monday night, couldn't be fixed until Wednesday. Turns out we have a bad jack that shorts out service if we use it. Yay cell phones.


Storage pod was mostly emptied into the house Friday evening. Becky's dad stayed long enough to help set up the beds.

Saturday morning while Becky went to the store, the boys and I finished emptying it. Stocor took it out of our driveway Monday night.

Who would have thought restocking the kitchen from nearly empty would be so hard? Becky has gone to the store pretty much every day. She even let me go once.

There are a dozen or so boxes we plan to just not unpack given that six months from now, when my class is done, who knows what we're going to do. They are finally put away in their closets and everything else unpacked. I mean, well, we need to straighten the garage in order to get both vehicles in. But other than that.

We're close enough to church that we walked on Sunday.

Ben spent a day and a half in bed with a puke bucket.

I've applied for jobs at Ponderosa and Applebee's (currently fully staffed, but taking applications), Pizza Hut (constantly hiring drivers) and Universal Health Group.

Jack has applied at a host of fast food places; McDonald's, Subway among them.

Becky has applied for jobs at Hancock, Joann's and Wal-Mart.

Had a wonderful chat with my grandmother.

There's still stuff to do, but we finally actually feel moved in.

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  1. Whew is right! You are one busy family.

    I hope all goes well for you guys in Green Bay! Sounds like a good time. Except for the puking and all...