Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pizza Hut

Brittyn (store manager): "Good to meet you, Jack."

Me: "Thanks. Good to meet you too."

Brittyn: "Okay, these are the hours you're available?" (shows me the weekly schedule format from the application).

Me: "Yes. Everyday except Sunday. Any time of day, Saturdays, weekends, holidays. I'm available any day but Sunday."

Brittyn: "Okay." (Crosses Sunday off the chart). "And you want to work full time?"

Me: "I do. As much as possible if it's available."

Brittyn: "All right, well, you passed the DMV screening and that means we hire you. I've already ordered your shirt and name tag. I can start putting you on the schedule August 10th."


  1. Yay!! That's great - "I've already ordered your shirt and name tag." So funny. Congratulations, that's gotta be such a load off your chest.

  2. Congratulations! I have found that looking for a job and interviewing is a lot more postitive experience when I had a job vs. not having a job. Going to school and studying for a certification also helps your psyche and it shows in interviews. Good luck