Monday, June 6, 2011

(This Movie About) Vampires Suck(s)

Becky and I tried to watch Vampire's Suck on Friday. The trailer made it look like it had potential. Which is what trailers do, I guess. We went into it knowing it could either be hilarious or a 10 minute sketch drawn thin by the length of the film. We hoped for the former, but were willing to laugh at the latter.

Turns out giving it credit for 10 minutes of laugh worthy material would be generous. Unless it somehow got funny after the first 1/2 hour. That's about as long as we gave it. 20 minutes in I was like, oh come on . . . let's just actually watch Twilight. And you know, other than the baseball scene, I really disliked Twilight.

But we continued watching Vampires Suck for another 10 minutes anyway before giving up on the jokes being anything other crass sophomoric garbage. The acting was bad, the production value poor. I'm sure some of that was intentional camp, but it wasn't pulled off well.

This is already way more words than movie deserves. If you want my advice, just skip it.

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  1. Thanks, I plan on that. Skipping this movie, I mean....