Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Stories

Tabby gets Easter this year in ways she hasn't in past years. It's fun. We were talking about the Easter Bunny the other day and now she hops around immitating him bringing baskets of candy to our house. The anticipation is building so well.

"I'm going to wake up on Sunday and say, 'Hm, where's my basket? I better go find it!' And it will be full of candy!!!"

So Becky had bought some Easter candy, right? She kind of "hid" it just behind our bed on the floor. Of course, the next day I woke up to Tabby saying, "Daddy! Look what I found!" I cracked my eyes open and she was standing there with a box of blue peeps. "Can I have these?"

"Well, they're Mom's, Tabby. You better ask her."

"We can share." Then looking down longingly, "I love these. I hope the Easter Bunny brings some in my basket."

One more Easter story. Tabby and I were playing with her stuffed animals, a couple of puppies. We were running all over the living room barking at each other.

"Whew, I'm getting hungry," my puppy said, "I'm going to go get some dog food."

"I'm hungry too," Tabby's said, "I'm going to go chase a rabbit and eat it." (Yay nature shows).

"Oh no! What if you eat the Easter Bunny!?"

"No, Dad, I'm going to eat a real bunny."

Then she stopped. For a second you could see the wheels churning as the implications of what she had said hit her. Is the Easter Bunny real? He's bringing me candy. How can I eat a real bunny if I'm pretending? She literally shook it off and looked at me sincerely, "Dad, I'm not going to eat the Easter Bunny." As if that was the important part. Which, of course, it is.

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  1. How funny! Love when we have to improvise when our "stash" gets found. I guess that means Becky should find a new hiding spot. Love that age of believability!