Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun weekend

This was an awesome weekend.  Started out good and just got progressively better.

First, a new Magic: the Gathering set was released.  Conspiracy, Take the Crown.  A set designed for drafting, which is my favorite way to play.  I went to the midnight release, then a noon draft on Friday.  They were fun games.  I ended up playing three group games.  Came in second every game, but was not able to knock a single other player out of the matches.

So what could be more fun than playing lots of Magic?  Saturday, Tabby & I went to a Tae Kwon Do Summer day camp.  So much fun.  Seminars on how to improve our form learning & execution, better breaking techniques, self defense, pressure points, sparring and exciting kicks.

All were informative.  The sparring seminar, taught by Jim Counter (Tabby & my instructor) was probably where I had the most fun.  I got paired up with a young brown belt named Eston who proceeded to kick my butt.  Oh man!  It was fun.  Probably the best seminar, though was amazing kicks.  Bob Smoot taught the techniques behind flying, jumping and spin kicks and had us all practice kicking shields.  Then we got to break boards.

This is what made his seminar so good.  Tabby was very nervous about breaking her board, "I don't think I can do it, it's going to hurt my foot, I don't think I should try."  Mr. Smoot was such a great motivator, though.  "Tabby," I said, "if Mr. Smoot thinks you can do it, then at least try."  Flying side kick right through her board.  It was cool to see and oh!  was she ever excited about.  "I broke a board with a flying side kick!  That's, like, a black belt move!  If I can do that, maybe I can do all the white belt things.  Maybe I can even pass my test for yellow belt."

I am beat up and sore, but it was such an awesome confidence builder. I am glad we went.

What can possibly top that?!

Sunday afternoon our exchange student from Spain, Santi, arrived.  He is such a nice young man. Polite, friendly, excited to be here.  And we are sooo excited to have him here.  His English is a little rough, but it's there. He has a foundation.  I think he'll learn quickly and be fluent before he knows it.

We have some pictures. I'll eventually get around to posting them.

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