Sunday, September 23, 2012


Last weekend was the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival held in Cable, WI each year.  Becky's Dad has ridden in it every years since the beginning.  He has, in fact, become its poster boy.  Literally.

That picture of Bob taking the corner at the start of the race in 1983 was on a huge banner at the race, on towels, shirts, glasses.
Every year he rents a cabin on Lake Delta and takes his family up there.  Mike races with him.  Everyone else watches, spends the day shopping in Cable and plays on the Lake.  It's great fun.
Before I get to the pictures Becky took, though, I found a few I'd missed from our Labor Day visit to Sheboygan.

And there are a few I never got around to posting that Becky took of Ben.

And a nice one Becky took of the Bay.

The Cabin Bob rents is at a place called Delta Lodge.  It's on a very picturesque little lake with some nice docks and boats.

They have some Kayaks that are just a blast.

Tabby and I watched for fish in the lily pads.  And saw some!  We stayed out in the Kayaks until late one night to watch the bats come in over the lake.  Dozens of them diving all around the water.  No pictures, but it was pretty cool.

 Of course, the whole reason we go is the race right?  We were at the finish line to watch Bob come in.  Mike came in about 15 mins later, having gotten a 20-25 minute late start due to a mechanical problem at the starting line.

I've got to share a photo disappointment.
Becky and I went out driving looking for pictures.  She took some nice ones of scenery.  Then, coming around a corner, about 50 feet down the road, we saw a black bear in the road with her cub.  And the camery was still set up for the landscape/nature scenery photos Becky had been taking.  She quickly got the camera up anyway while the mama bear watched us for a second.  Then the bear dropped to all fours and continued across the road.  And 3 more cubs bounded out of the woods to join Mama and the first dashing into the woods.
Becky was kicking herself about not getting a good picture, but man, it was still awesome.
On the way home Sunday morning we stopped by Copper Falls and hiked a very nice trail along a river flowing through some cool rock formations making some pretty spectacular falls.


  1. What great pictures! Dad and I are really looking forward to seeing you all next month. I'm bringing a CD to fill with pics Becky took of the reunion this summer....

  2. Oh we're really excited too. Becky is just going nuts getting some projects done around the house before you get here. Like Tabby's room. Painting the kitchen. Stuff she wants to show off for you.

    I was going to get a CD of pictures in the mail for you . . . then realized, "they'll be here in a couple weeks!" And decided to save the postage. But we have CDs. We'll have multiple CDs. In case you want to grab more pictures than just this Summer's.