Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mixed Opinions on Snow

I was kind of hoping to catch some of the lunar eclipse last night. I had thought maybe I could since I was scheduled to get off work right about the time the eclipse was supposed to start. It was snowing in Green Bay, though. Which in turn meant I was delivering pizza in the snow again. At least for the last hour or two.

However, the snow was so beautiful, I really couldn't bring myself to be disappointed. Huge, fluffy, slow falling flakes. Standing outside felt just like watching a snow globe. From the inside. There was almost no wind, almost no one outside. Just gentle, peaceful snow drifing down through the street lights.

And of course, when it snows, the temperature warms up. Something to do with cloud cover trapping in heat, if I understand correctly. Kind of like a local quilt in the sky. I mean, it wasn't actually warm, but the temperature rose from right around zero degrees to the mid 20s. Which felt very nice.

Then this morning while I shovelled the driveway, Tabby played in the snow. She had a great time throwing snow onto where I had just scraped it off. And making a snowman. It was difficult convincing her to come inside. But after a good cry about it we shared some hot cocoa, looked at pictures of her playing in the snow and she's happy again.


  1. I love looking at snow! I love the picture of Tabby, too. <3 Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Moar posts! Moar tweets!