Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Becky got a job through a temp agency called QPS working at a cheese factory called DCI. It was an awful job. She was never sure which days she'd work from week to week or how many days she'd get, the hours were 4am to 2pm, it was cold, repetitive work at an insane speed. Her wrists hurt all the time. She was so anxious about her performance and how much she hated the job that she had trouble sleeping, which made getting up at 3:15 even harder. And of course, the pay was crap. On top of the work conditions, it was extremely unsatisfying working where the pinnacle of performance was putting on all your date labels right side up.

However, she decided she'd stick it out until Christmas before going back to take some classes to recertify to teach. At least that was the plan until DCI called QPS and told them not to send Becky back because "she wasn't a good fit."

Becky really wasn't sure how she felt about it. Despite how much she hated the job, she was starting to get to know and like some of her coworkers. Plus rejection is always hard. Even if you hate what's rejecting you.

Fortunately, QPS, the employment agency, had another job all lined up for Becky. It's a warehouse job putting together order packages. It sounds better. The hours are every day, 9-3:30. Pay is a little better. Her QPS contact tells her the pace is different at this job. More focused on getting orders right than just getting it all done fast. Becky started this morning, so we'll know more when the day's done.


  1. Good luck to Becky! I hope this works out better than the last nightmare. She is so tough and hardworking! I admire her a whole lot. You'll have to keep us updated. :)

  2. Oh my! I have realized from talking to Becky - and think that Becky realized it too - that the cheese factory job really was not a good fit. However, like you say, realizing something yourself and being told that same thing by your boss, are two different things. I can't say I am sorry she's not going back to the cheese factory, but I do wish Becky all the success in the world at the new job. Maybe they will allow her to use that great brain of hers and let her do a little thinking as she works. Plus regular hours (while kids are in school) and better pay really are a good thing, right?

  3. Come on Jack! Write a new blog entry! You have fans :)