Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Pizza Hut has a new way to pay employees. Instead of a paycheck, we get a card that works like a debit card or credit card. Our wages are put into an account the card draws from when we use it. I thought it sounded pretty slick up until the part about a service fee every time I use the card.

Fortunately, there's a way to get our pay direct deposited into a checking account. I just have to go to some website and enter all the right code words. So I'm trying to figure that out this morning.


  1. What's up with companies who do this to their employees? Joanna's employer does this as well. We got the direct deposit set up right away and she managed to avoid the fees. Making employees pay to use the wages they have earned does not go over well in my book....

  2. Bleck! I had this too, when I worked at Kohls. I hated it, so we switched over to direct deposit as well. Much easier, and much more sensible.